7 Proofs You Live With a (Indian) Teenager

Disclaimer: Let’s just, for the sake of my life that might be in danger when this goes viral, say that this is NOT based on my younger brother.

  •  MTV becomes VH1

All of a sudden your house is filled with Linkin Park instead of Honey Singh. It’s surely not bad, but the sudden transition is just way too much! “Hindi Music sucks” is basically the tag line, and there is little you can hear or say above the blaring speakers. And don’t you dare call it noise; it’s MUSIC, OKAY?


It is ABSOLUTELY irrelevant that this certain person used your phone for all kinds of games and downloads a few months back. HOW DARE you look, touch or even think of his phone. It’s their’s, don’t you understand? It has a password, a pattern AND face recognition as security. It doesn’t have the details to Swiss Bank, AGREED, but it does have WhatsApp. How DARE you?

  • You don’t know, I’m telling you na?

Yes, you suddenly know nothing, because they know best! You suddenly don’t know anything from walking to eating to polishing your shoes. And don’t you dare say you know, because you don’t know, they’re telling you na?

  • Did something just break?

You’ll be sitting in your room and you’ll hear something smash. What was that, you’ll wonder. The vagueness will surprise you because it could be and would be anything from a glass to their heart. And don’t even dare go near, unless you don’t like your head.

  • Do I know you?

They will personally ensure that you are nowhere around their friends, in any given circumstance. What reputation will they have left if someone finds them with you? Go lock yourself in a cupboard and NEVER come out. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?

  • Hairy affairs!

What so far were merely dead cells on the head, are now the most important thing ever. They suddenly reflect the personality. Ask a Teenager why the hair are so important, and you will be ensuring that your’s are torn to shreds.

  • Nobody loves me

Do I even need to say anything?

Learn to Let Go

We highly underestimate the power of letting go.
To let go is an important part of life, for change is eternal and constant.
We often find ourselves attached unhealthily to a goal, a person, an expectation, or a relationship. We fail to realise that if we do not learn to let go, it will bear disastrous consequences to not only our peace of mind but also our emotional, mental and more often than not, physical, well-being.
Through this write up I wish to explore, understand and evaluate the nature of attachment we develop towards our significant other.
Not all relationships are healthy and positive; some of them are highly negative and toxic.
“I don’t know, Mitali,” said a friend to me a while ago, “He seems so indifferent.” When I asked her to let go, all she said was, “But he loves me.”
Her voice echoed conviction. I think she was trying to convince herself.
The divides and distances in any relationship do not emerge overnight; they slip in slowly, ever so slowly, until you wake up one day realising how things are not the way they were before.
They never slip unnoticed either; somewhere, deep down, we are always aware of the cracks that are entering a relationship, we just tend to ignore them, because the dawn of realisation is one filled with inconsolable pain.
But at the end of the day, no matter how strong you’ve been, or how long you’ve been together, or how fresh or mend-able the cracks are, when a relationship hurts you, when it gives you more negative energy and tears than happiness and positive vibes, it is time for introspection.
A relationship is supposed to make you happy, independent, and satisfied. It must stabilise your life. Why would you want to be with someone who makes you cry, just because you’re comfortable with them?
Nothing ever grows in a comfort zone.
Growth is painful, change is painful. But nothing is more painful than being somewhere where you don’t belong.
It is foolish to believe that the other person cannot fall out of love with you -of course, they can, without any pretext and as easily as they fell for you.
This is not because they didn’t love you, they may have been crazy about you genuinely, but then, not all things last.
It is imperative to accept that people change; sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.
Of course, it is worthwhile to try and fix broken relationships, but that does not mean one should not be ready with arms and ammunition; because hoping for the best does not mean you shouldn’t prepare for the worst.
Letting go is never easy, it is always a mammoth and often a messy task.
And of course we all hate to admit it, but it is indeed a wise task.