15 Things I Realized A Month Into College

It has been a month since I joined college! So much has changed and little is the same, really. Here are things that dawned upon me one month into college;

1) Bollywood has blatantly lied to us all these years

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One month into college, you hear me? ONE MONTH and not a single sudden dance sequence has happened on the staircase. Professors don’t look like Sushmita Sen and guys don’t sport Hrithik Roshan physiques! So much for Bollywood.

2) Eighteen-year-olds are babies

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One moment you are excited about being an adult at last, and the other moment you realize you’re the youngest in the entire campus! Seniors are going to look at you and exclaim, “Whoa, you kids are so young! Just out of school!”. Pfft.

3) Food takes precedence over everything else

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Had I spent the time, that I spent exploring different food joints in and around the campus, doing something productive, life would have been different. No kidding.

4) Board Exams were over-hyped

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Pretty much everybody, from parents to teachers to relatives, made it a point to tell us over and over again that Boards were the end of all our struggles.  WRONG! The exams were absolutely and totally over-hyped.

5) You will meet many like-minded people

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Maybe it is to do with the fact that since everyone is enrolled for the same course, they tend to have similar interests. But the truth is that you would come across so many like-minded people that you click with instantly. A social butterfly’s paradise, if you ask me!

6) WAY too many people go to DPS

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No kidding. They’re everywhere. Everywhere.

7) It’s hard to tell a senior apart from a batch-mate

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8) Nobody really cares

Nobody cares
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Nup, nobody. Neither the teachers nor your parents. Not even you, for that matter!

9) NCERT Books had been sent from heaven

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Only when I realised I had to refer to an entire library did I realise the importance of our good old NCERT’s. Sigh, sweet days.

10) Attendance matters like nothing else

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Nothing else. At all. Everybody comes for attendance.

11) School friends fall apart

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No matter how much you want otherwise, school friends grow apart. That is because all your school friends will now have an independent life that will be, more often than not, mutually exclusive from yours.

12) People will be too quick to judge

People Judge quickly
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And you will judge them quickly too. Maybe that’s just how the adult world is like; books are judged by covers.

13) It’s going to be a while before you settle in

It's hard
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Partially because of the new people, and partially because of the new place. No matter how much you try, it would take a while before you really feel like you belong.

14) The importance of Friday dawns upon you

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College will, in all probability, suck the life out of you during the week. You would crave the weekend like never before!

15) Monica Geller was right all along


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10 Kinds of Students in Exam Halls

Now that Board examinations for 12th standard students are almost done or already done with for most of us, I cannot help but feel happy about these being the last school exams ever!
Here is a nice walk down the memory lane! Check out all the kinds of people we have seen (and often been) during our school examinations.

1. Mujhe Kuch Nahi Aata!

I know nothing, apparently

They will rave on and on about how they haven’t even touched their books as yet and how they have spent their weekend doing everything they shouldn’t have.

Oh, spoiler, though; they always end up scoring more than most of the kids.

2. Paper dikha dio yaar!

Puppy dog eyes

These ones have everything planned out -where they are going to sit, who is sitting where, and who the invigilator is. They will ask you and everything that looks human for help.

Warning: AVOID looking at them through the exam. They will show you puppy dog eyes and give you guilt trips that scream how you are a terrible, terrible friend.

3. The Supplementary Sheet-ers

What -Robin

 You will have hardly turned to the next side of your question paper when they ask for a supplementary sheet and ensure that all the kids out there die, that is if the question paper hasn’t killed them as yet.

4. The ones that discuss answers after the exam

Do I get bonus points if I act like I care

…And ask you and everyone else how their exam went. For the love of everything holy, stop, please! It is over, let everyone breathe.

5. The ones with the supersonic speed

Shaktimaan spinning

They literally complete each and every test, no matter how lengthy it is, before time… And oh boy, is it annoying!

6. The ones that own the stationery shop

We have a badass here

Scale… Check. Pencil… Check. Pencil 1, 2, 3 and 4…. Check. Blue Pen… Check. Black Pen… Check. Red Pen… Check. Stapler…. Check. Glue… Check. Erasers… Check. Sharpener… Check.

7. The ones with nothing but fingers

I am poor

And then there are kids with nothing but their fingers! They will ask you for every stationery item required, and sometimes ask you to get it for them in advance!

8. “Excuse me, may I use the washroom?”

need to go
In their defence, it is called ”s(h)och-aalya” for a reason.

9. The innovative ones


If you ever need a new method of how to cheat, you exactly know where to knock!

10. The ones that always let you see their answer sheet

You are my best friend

God bless you, noble soul.

7 Proofs You Live With a (Indian) Teenager

Disclaimer: Let’s just, for the sake of my life that might be in danger when this goes viral, say that this is NOT based on my younger brother.

  •  MTV becomes VH1

All of a sudden your house is filled with Linkin Park instead of Honey Singh. It’s surely not bad, but the sudden transition is just way too much! “Hindi Music sucks” is basically the tag line, and there is little you can hear or say above the blaring speakers. And don’t you dare call it noise; it’s MUSIC, OKAY?


It is ABSOLUTELY irrelevant that this certain person used your phone for all kinds of games and downloads a few months back. HOW DARE you look, touch or even think of his phone. It’s their’s, don’t you understand? It has a password, a pattern AND face recognition as security. It doesn’t have the details to Swiss Bank, AGREED, but it does have WhatsApp. How DARE you?

  • You don’t know, I’m telling you na?

Yes, you suddenly know nothing, because they know best! You suddenly don’t know anything from walking to eating to polishing your shoes. And don’t you dare say you know, because you don’t know, they’re telling you na?

  • Did something just break?

You’ll be sitting in your room and you’ll hear something smash. What was that, you’ll wonder. The vagueness will surprise you because it could be and would be anything from a glass to their heart. And don’t even dare go near, unless you don’t like your head.

  • Do I know you?

They will personally ensure that you are nowhere around their friends, in any given circumstance. What reputation will they have left if someone finds them with you? Go lock yourself in a cupboard and NEVER come out. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?

  • Hairy affairs!

What so far were merely dead cells on the head, are now the most important thing ever. They suddenly reflect the personality. Ask a Teenager why the hair are so important, and you will be ensuring that your’s are torn to shreds.

  • Nobody loves me

Do I even need to say anything?